Apilus XCell Pro

Apilus XCell Pro

Apilus XCell Pro

 Apilus XCell Pro  takes hair removal standards to new levels. The only device in the world at 27MHz, with absolute customization of its programs taking into account: The sex of the person, the method, the area, the roughness of the hair, the type of needle as well as its thickness.

With 11 exclusive programs of Thermolysis, Electrolysis and Blend, it gives an immediate solution to all the problems of hair growth with the greatest possible comfort and speed. Radical needle waxing is the only technology that is certified to offer 100% hair removal.


Dectro International continues to lead the world using its know-how and the power of 27MHz and thus created the Apilus XCell. A painless radical hair removal machine, with incomparably high frequency and specialized programs, offers a unique tool in the hands of electrolysists.

It is the only solution that exists for the eliminationof white hair. Includes VitaPhase ionization device for anaphoresis and cataphoresis before and after treatment. XCell Pro is the only Apilus model that has data entry for up to 1000 customers with their data and medical history. Provides an internal thermal printer, which prints the personal report of each session, as well as a variety of statistics regarding the use of the machine and the effectiveness of specific zones. It has the ability to pre-purchase treatment time from the customer.

  1. Thermolysis is a hair removal technique in which the polarity of the needle tip changes millions of times per second, depending on the frequency (MHz) of the device. This alternation causes the electrons to be attracted and deposited, which then cause the temperature to rise through friction. The higher the frequency, the more times the rotation takes place per second. Thus the temperature in the hair follicle reaches the desired levels rapidly, without allowing it to diffuse into the surrounding tissues and there is no pain sensation.
  2. Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a hair removal technique in which the hair follicle acts as a test tube, using a galvanic current to convert the salts and water in it into caustic sodium. Being liquid, it has the property of filling the entire hair follicle, destroying not only its hair but also its regenerative cells. With this property, Electrolysis is able to give amazing results in distorted hair follicles.
  3. Blend: : The Blend method makes use of both of the above currents, thus exponentially enhancing their efficiency. On the one hand, thermolysis increases the temperature and thus the expansion of the pores in the follicle, allowing better permeability of the caustic sodium, while at the same time acting as a catalyst, for the faster achievement of the chemical reaction. It is the method that will provide a solution in the most difficult cases of persistent hair growth.

1 machine 11 different aesthetic applications

Offers 100% permanent hair removal treatments in a gentle and skin-friendly way.

Deeply cleanses the skin, activates it for better absorption of elements.

Removes specific skin imperfections, such as arachnoid angiomas, age spots and papillomas.

Ooffers anti-aging, anti-acne treatments, as well as treatments for the strengthening of sensitive skin through the red, blue and green light.

Soothes the skin and reduces redness after radical hair removal.

Promotes essential nutrients to cells and restores a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin.

Rejuvenates and activates the face through an anti-aging and relaxing treatment.

Promotes the penetration of ionized products and deeply nourishes the skin.

Tones the skin in depth and reduces the image of cellulite.

Removes toxins and helps the lymphatic circulation with a relaxing and tonic treatment.

Effectively strengthens facial muscles and reduces the depth of wrinkles.



The only radical hair removal machine at this frequency.


Has specialized programs to solve all hair growth problems.


The higher the frequency of the current, the greater the resistance of the surrounding mast, offering even greater comfort during application.


Equipped with all the tools an electrolysist needs, such as humidity control in the hair follicle, customer endurance control and automatic component control.

Dectro International

Since 1978, Dectro International has designed and manufactured specialized devices intended for the global market of permanent hair removal and aesthetic care. 

A thorough understanding of modern techniques and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies have enabled Dectro International to pave the way for the application of electrolysis. 

Being the creator of the unique APILUS, a radical hair removal device, it set higher standards for electrolysists and radical hair removal worldwide. With university studies in human skin, it completed the research on the action of permanent hair removal methods.