The story of IONTO-COMED begins with a battery-powered galvanic iontophoresis device, created by beautician Gertraud La Fontaine , that was considered pioneering in the 1970s. To market the popular device and other treatment equipment, her sons created IONTO-COMED in 1979.

H Iontocomed GmbH was founded in 1979. For about 35 years, it has been established as one of the most experienced companies in aesthetic and podiatry machinery and equipment. 

Its steady development in know-how, research, high quality and technical implementation of innovative ideas in the manufacture of its devices, ranked it among the most reliable German companies of aesthetics and podiatry equipment and devices, as its devices are very durable.


Harmonized with International and European laws, it also has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the study, forecast and timelessness of its products. This is already known to Greek beauticians who already use its equipment.

Today, Iontocomed GmbH is a group of companies. Its total activity including 7 branches in Germany and 50 cooperating countries worldwide guarantees its value. By producing products from start to finish in its factories in Germany, it ensures the independence, flexibility and affordable cost of its products.

IONTO Health & Beauty GmbH combines 3 powerful brands IONTO-COMED, SÜDA και CARE MORE and thus offers innovative and practical products for wellness, cosmetics and treatment / podiatry - from appliances and chairs and care beds to consumables and cabin furniture.

IONTO is a reliable partner and offers detailed advice and comprehensive services