Face Plus

Face Plus

Face Plus

Vagheggi's Face Plus has 5 applications for face treatment: Hydration Control, Exfoliation with Brushes, Ultrasonic Spatula at 25KHz, Radio Frequencies and Electroporation. With these 5 technologies it comes to offer all the tools needed for basic facial care.


Face Plus has 14 special programs depending on the skin type and the problem faced. Treatment begins with a hydration test, followed by the use of 4 different brushes depending on the roughness needed. The ultrasonic spatula has two uses, the use of the tip offers a deep cleansing and  exfoliation, while the use of the wide surface, a relaxing massage with ionization for drainage, relaxation and  smoothing of the area. It uses Electroporation technology for anti-aging and for deeper penetration of the products used, while the radio frequencies are used for regeneration and tightening.

  1. Hydration control: Using a low power current, check the facial hydration rate to make a correct initial assessment before treatment.
  2. Exfoliating brushes: The treatment using the brushes helps in cleansing, ensuring the removal of the upper layer of keratin and the elimination of the unnecessary sebum. It prepares the skin for better results of the selected treatments and increases the penetration of active ingredients.
  3. 25KHz Ultrasound: They offer deep cleansing and regeneration, while at the same time promoting the penetration of the active ingredients. It combines ultrasound with spatula vibration, for mechanical peeling and facial care.
  4. Electroporation: The emission of electrical pulses that help open channels through the skin for deeper penetration of any kind of substance, even those with high molecular weight, that are specifically selected for the treated problem.
  5. Radio Frequencies: They offer a warming effect, increasing the speed of blood flow to the area, and eliminating stagnant fluid in the capillaries. They relieve the intermediate tissue from edema fluid, reduce skin laxity with an immediate action of lifting and reducing wrinkles. They also reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and increase hydration.



Able to offer a wide range of treatments for the face.


Perfectly combined with cosmetic applications for perfect results in all problems.


Hydration control for easy and correct evaluation of the problem.


Easy to use, painless and with minimal treatment costs.

Vagheggi Phytotech

The Vagheggi company, in addition to the well-known cosmetics Vagheggi Phytocosmetics, also has a research and technology department of state-of-the-art machinery, the department

The devices are studied, designed and supervised by Vagheggi's staff to be used by beauty professionals, in accordance with European Union law.

Thus, they are designed according to recent developments and meet the preferences of demanding consumers, not only in terms of results, but also regarding safety in beauty treatments with the use of high-tech devices.