A latest generation tool, with 8 body plates  that combine 5 different technologies simultaneously in the same session. All body plates are equipped with slimming Lipolaser, Ultrasound and 3 different currents, Electroporation, Electrostimulation and  Electrolipolysis. It comes to solve all body problems, regardless of gender and age. Specialized in firming, fighting fat and cellulite.


Using an innovative synergy of technologies, Liposinergy can offer amazing results in all body problems. The treatment consists of 4 phases of 10 minutes, where the technologies are selected and used simultaneously during treatment, thus enhancing the effectiveness of each one. The easy choice of program between 3 categories and 14 different specialized sub-programs, combined with the ability to work without the presence of the operator, offer incomparable functionality and ease of use. Including programs for slimming, cellulite, drainage, firming, body sculpting, muscle strengthening, as well as muscle relief.

  1. Electroporation: Electroporation is a low-voltage electrical discharge to swell the pores of the skin and transport the active ingredients of the products used to the deeper underlying layers.  
  2. Lipolaser: Low Level Laser Treatment is a technique in which the laser penetrates through the skin to reach fat cells. This causes them to collapse and fat to escape from the cell membrane. It empties the fat cell without causing damage.  
  3. 1MHz Ultrasound: With two converging ultrasound surfaces for their correct concentration. They offer an awesome result in weight loss and cellulite through their thermal, chemical and mechanical action.
  4. Electrolipolysis: Electrolipolysis is a shaped waveform that acts directly on the subcutaneous surface with the ability to normalize. With a constant galvanic current, which causes vibrations in the tissue, stimulating cellular metabolism, with consequent higher oxygen consumption and increased local circulation. 
  5. Electrostimulation: Electrostimulation causes increased microcirculation and oxygenation of tissues. With firming properties, it offers improvement of muscle tone and cellulite. It also helps in the proper activation of the body's circulatory system.



Incomparable ergonomic use, with 14 ready-made sub-programs for right and easy selection.


The only device that uses these 5 technologies simultaneously in the same body plate.


"Hands-free" operation, without requiring the presence of the operator during treatment.


Appropriate specialized body treatments with Vagheggi Phytocosmetics protocols can be applied simultaneously.

Vagheggi Phytotech

The Vagheggi company, in addition to the well-known cosmetics Vagheggi Phytocosmetics, also has a research and technology department of state-of-the-art machinery, the department

The devices are studied, designed and supervised by Vagheggi's staff to be used by beauty professionals, in accordance with European Union law.

Thus, they are designed according to recent developments and meet the preferences of demanding consumers, not only in terms of results, but also regarding safety in beauty treatments with the use of high-tech devices.