VGH's IR & RF PLUS takes advantage of heat properties to fight  cellulite and  fat, while at the same time wraps the client in a warm embrace of wellness. With the simultaneous use of  radio frequencies and  infrared radiation, it offers not only a very pleasant treatment but also an immediately effective treatment for  slimming, firming and  liposculpture.


IR & RF PLUS uses infrared radiation in combination with bipolar and multipolar radio frequencies to offer an irresistible body treatment. With an average treatment temperature of 36 ° C - 48 ° C , it achieves fast fat dissolution results and firming , while at the same time promoting the correct sculpting of the body. These two technologies work in combination, thus enhancing each other's effect.

  1. INFRARED: Infrared radiation through special chambers, is one of the best methods of increasing temperature. They provide a strong slimming effect and can be combined directly with cosmetic treatments for even better results. Infrared LEDs enhance this action. This increase in temperature is crucial to the action of Radio Frequencies, offering even better firming and stimulation in the area.
  2. Radiofrequency & Color Therapy: Radiofrequency provides heat deep into the subcutaneous adipose tissue without damaging the skin. This heat is produced by diathermy and results in an increase in the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues. This speeds up cell metabolism, eliminates waste and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, ensuring a gradual, visible effect of toning and elasticity. It also causes denaturation of collagen proteins, leading to increased skin consistency.



Can be bombined with cosmetic treatment protocols for even more impressive results.


Fast and easy to use.


A pleasant and comfortable treatment that has immediate results.


Minimal treatment costs.

Vagheggi Phytotech

The Vagheggi company, in addition to the well-known cosmetics Vagheggi Phytocosmetics, also has a research and technology department of state-of-the-art machinery, the department

The devices are studied, designed and supervised by Vagheggi's staff to be used by beauty professionals, in accordance with European Union law.

Thus, they are designed according to recent developments and meet the preferences of demanding consumers, not only in terms of results, but also regarding safety in beauty treatments with the use of high-tech devices.