Pro Tec


Pro Tec needles are manufactured by Dectro International, creator of the leading APILUS.

The creators of the Pro • Tec series of electrolysis and thermocoagulation needles were guided by a unique obsession, the calmness of the client during the application of radical hair removal and the user flexibility through great available variety.

Pro • Tec, is the only company that includes special construction details of the needles. It provides the finest needle on the market, special insulating needles for Blend, as well as Thermocoagulation needles.

IsoGard - IsoBlend - Thermocoagulation

The two-piece needle is cylindrical in shape and is held in the stem by a crimping technique.

 The main advantage of this needle is the flexibility provided by its shape.

As the needle is independent of the stem, it slides more easily into the follicle and, when performing difficult penetrations, allows the electrolysist to feel the resistance and correct its insertion. 

It is also clearly less noticeable by the customer.


  • MicroGard Tip: Their perfectly smooth and rounded edge ensures the smoothest possible insertions into the hair follicle, prevents the needle from piercing the follicle and injuring the skin, and provides the optimum sense of resistance for the user when the needle reaches the hair base. This technology significantly improves both the customer's feeling and the safety of his skin.
  • Teflon Insulation: IsoGard and IsoBlend needle types feature durable Teflon-grade medical insulation that collects current only at the tip of the needle. The medical type insulation is absolutely stable, does not change with use and does not increase the thickness of these needles at all. The insulation allows the current to accumulate at the tip of the needle, thus preventing any reaction on the surface of the skin and minimizing discomfort for your most sensitive customers.
  • SteriGard protective collar: the SteriGardcolor-coded protective collar protects the skin from contacting the probe-holder and from possible contamination and confirms at a glance that you have chosen the needle you want.
  • SecurGard: Needles are sterilized with X-rays inside the individual packing bag which guarantees that each enclosed needle remains sterile for five whole years.
  • Length and Thickness variation: needles differ both in thickness and in length from K1 to K5, a great innovation of Pro Tec. This variety allows the perfect fit of the needle to any type of hair growth and the great convenience of the user during application.


Insulated needles Higher efficiency and skin protection, for thermolysis methods.


Special patented needles with insulation up to the middle. Ideal for thermolysis & Blend methods.


Specialized needle for thermocoagulation methods. Designed for the treatment of skin disorders.


Specialized disposable protective covers for absolute hygiene and coverage of the probe-holders.