Ballet needles

Ballet needles

In 1989, a versatile inventor Joe Asch realized that electrolysis was a great job but there was no right tool, which would be a reliable specialized needle to make it easier and of course safer.

With this vision he made the first needle of a solid piece of sterile Swedish steel and of course at a price so that it could be disposable.

This was very important then because radical hair removal needles were expensive and they were reused posing a risk for the safety of both the client and the beautician.

He created them in 5 sizes to fit every hair size and for every area on the face and body.

Then he made the very first single-piece insulated needles for less pain and more focused treatments and the 24-carat gold-plated needles for allergic-intolerant skin.

Stainless Steel - Insulated - Gold

The Beaute-Marine Group Of Companies, exclusive distributor of Ballet Greece and Cyprus since 1991, has been working to make Joe Asch's vision for electrolysis comfortable, targeted and safe for all with a medical device which he described as a * utility tool *.

The quality of Ballet needles, with their micro-polished to a mirror-like finish tip, was quickly appreciated by the global electrolysists community and quickly became their top choice.

The sterile and disposable Ballet needles account for 85% of the global consumption of electrolysis' hair removal needles worldwide. Available in 3 types of Stainless Steel (Insulated) and Gold (Gold).

Available in 5 sizes they cover all the needs of even the most specialized electrolysist. Ballet Technologies in early 2019 decided to move its headquarters from the United Kingdom to America and appointed a new CEO Dr. Sara Paisner.

The management of Ballet Technologies now operates in America, where its headquarters are located.

Stainless Steel

Swedish steel needle for Blend methods.


Insulated needle for Thermolysis methods.


Gold needle for allergic and intolerant skin.