Dectro International's Sophy makes use of 3 exclusive treatment phases in a single device. Using dermabrasion with diamond, it is able to offer very strong exfoliation for smoothing of the skin. With easy pressure adjustment for all skin types for imperfections. Equipped with Nebulizer Spray for hydration, soothing and immediate reduction of the irritation.


Made by Dectro International Sophy came to solve problems of the face and signs of aging. It uses 9 different diamond studded heads in 5 different sizes offering 6 grits. Following dermabrasion, the Nebulizer Spray is used in combination with a cosmetic treatment, to soothe the rednress in the area and to moisturize it.

  1. Dermabrasion: Deep and controlled exfoliation of the surface layers of the skin with immediate improvement of the skin texture. It removes dead cells, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and streaks. It illuminates the skin giving it a youthful glow. The intensity of the microdermabrasion treatment is controlled by the pressure level and the speed of movement. Slow motion: high intensity, while fast motion: moderate intensity.
  2. Diamond: The diamond head and vacuum create friction on the surface layer of the skin, providing deep exfoliation and regeneration. The diamond set includes 9 heads that offer 6 grits and 5 different sizes, with the aim of reducing the appearance of all imperfections, regardless of size. The diamond studded head and the filter must be sterilized after each treatment because the dead cells are accumulated.
  3. Vacuum: The Vacuum function helps dislodge surface impurities, while at the same time oxygenating the skin. It is a technology that is combined with dermabrasion for even better results. It lifts hollow surfaces and offers a firm, rejuvenated skin.



Unique application nozzle made of stainless steel.


Dual pump motor that provides efficient power.


High efficiency filter and built-in window for monitoring filters.


Eco-friendly operation.

Dectro International

Since 1978, Dectro International has designed and manufactured specialized devices intended for the global market of permanent hair removal and aesthetic care. 

A thorough understanding of modern techniques and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies have enabled Dectro International to pave the way for the application of electrolysis. 

Being the creator of the unique APILUS, a radical hair removal device, it set higher standards for electrolysists and radical hair removal worldwide. With university studies in human skin, it completed the research on the action of permanent hair removal methods.