training center

Training Facility


The continuous training and development of the level of knowledge of each professional is equally important. Training is crucial not only for the results of the treatments, but also acts as a source of inspiration and self-confidence. In a highly competitive era, high-level specialization gives credibility and comparative advantage. For this reason, Beaute Marine always engages with the most useful, but also interesting topics in its numerous seminars.


A wide range of topics are presented in webinars, giving professionals from all over Greece, even from the most remote areas, the opportunity to attend. It is a highly functional way of training, due to its interactiveness, allowing participants to interact with the speaker. Each webinar is sent to the company's partners, allowing them to attend it at any time. The Beaute Marine webinars draw the professionals' interest, achieving the largest number of followers compared to the competition.

private trainings

The goal of every beauty professional is to be able to provide safely, the best possible result to his clientele, in the shortest time. That's why education is of paramount importance to Beaute Marine. With fully trained staff, and decades of experience in the field of beauty, it offers training and immediate support to its partners, both in machinery and equipment and cosmetic beauty treatments. Training takes place in the professional's space, or in the company's training center.

Αcademie Dectro Official International Training Center

Beaute Marine is proud to be an Academie Dectro Certified Training Center for all of Europe with 2 certified teachers. Students, electrolysists, professionals and distributors from all over the world visit our training center in Thessaloniki to complete their studies. Using the special platform, students attend theoretical training online and then visit our place to complete their theoretical knowledge, to do practical training, as well as to give their final exams. Through this course, they complete their specialization as electrolysists or Phototherapists and receive their degree from the Academie Dectro in Canada. An international certification, one of the most popular in its field.