iD Hair ² Dual Wave Laser

iD Hair ² Dual Wave Laser

iD Hair ² Dual Wave Laser

iD-Hair2 combines the two most efficient and popular wavelengths, Alexandrite 755nm & Diode 810nm, in one machine, in the same head. With an easy-to-use menu and easy customization, it allows a safe and extremely effective treatment. Customization is done by selecting a phototype on Fitzpatrick scale, gender, area, as well as the hair properties. Can be used with Scan for speed in large areas or Static with 1 - 6 pulses, for absolute safety and comfort during treatment.


Combining both wavelengths simultaneously, covers all hair types or skin phototypes. Ideal for permanent removal of unwanted hair, for both women and men in all areas of the body and face. With the method of selective photothermolysis, we achieve an increase of temperature in the hair follicles resulting in the destruction of regenerative cells, without affecting the skin or the surrounding tissue. It also provides a static shot divided into sub-pulses, for better efficiency in small and difficult areas. Its advanced cooling system ensures painless treatments, while the large head area, the repetition speed of up to 10Hz and the energy density up to 60 joules offer fast and comfortable applications.

  1. Alexandrite laser 755nm: The Alexandrite wavelength shows a very strong absorption of energy by melanin, making it ideal even for light-colored and / or fine hair, especially in phototypes I-III (light-skinned). Due to its low surface penetration, it is particularly effective in follicles located near the surface of the skin (upper lip, cheeks). It also provides excellent results in cases of hair loss (Ambras Syndrome).
  2. Diode laser 810nm:  The longer wavelength allows it to act deeper, at the focal depth where most hairs grow. It is the safest wavelength for dark skin and during sunny periods, allowing hair removal during the summer. Its use is suitable for areas where the hair follicles are at a greater depth and the color of the stem is darker (bikini, armpits, etc.). In these areas the results are amazing and very immediate.



Used also during the summer months.


Speed and safety during treatment.


Ease of customization and use.


Almost zero treatment cost as it does not require consumables.

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