From Dectro International, manufacturer of APILUS, Axis comes to give a new meaning to the safety and efficiency of radio frequencies. Its advanced menu enables the operator to monitor and control heat production at all times, so that it can safely treat all skins, while the 27.12MHz frequency makes it incomparably efficient. With 240 programs for men and women and 5 power levels, it can offer 5 different treatments in 7 different parts of the face and neck. Equipped with 5 Synchro modes, it can break the pulse in many places and take advantage of the thermal relaxation time of the skin for an even safer and more pleasant treatment.


Axis offers treatments for Firming, Anti-Wrinkle, Radiance / Sensitive Skin, Scars / Ostia and the ability to create a customized program. The Firming treatment is specially designed for sagging skin and helps to stimulate the face and neck area. After this treatment, the skin is firmer and the face contour appears more defined. Anti-wrinkle treatment is perfect for mature skin and significantly reduces wrinkles and dilated ostia on the face and neck. The skin then looks smoother and younger. The Radiance / Sensitive Skin program is specifically designed to rejuvenate a sensitive, young or lifeless skin and give it a healthy, radiant glow. With the custom program you can customize the treatments according to the specific needs of each client.

  1. Radio Frequencies: With radio frequencies we can offer regenerative and firming action. Radiofrequenies activate fibroblasts, improving skin thickness, hydration, toning and stretching. Collagen fibers are enhanced, leading to an increase in skin consistency. They have amazing effects on wrinkles and expression lines that are created on the face over time. By strongly increasing the production of collagen and elastin, they are able to correct imperfections and smooth the skin. 



Incomparable results at a 27.12MHz frequency.


For all face and neck problems.


The higher the frequency of the current, the greater the resistance of the surrounding mast, offering even greater comfort during application.


Combined perfectly with cosmetic treatments and is easy to use.

Dectro International

Since 1978, Dectro International has designed and manufactured specialized devices intended for the global market of permanent hair removal and aesthetic care. 

A thorough understanding of modern techniques and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies have enabled Dectro International to pave the way for the application of electrolysis. 

Being the creator of the unique APILUS, a radical hair removal device, it set higher standards for electrolysists and radical hair removal worldwide. With university studies in human skin, it completed the research on the action of permanent hair removal methods.