repair center


repair center

With a repair center in Thessaloniki, and external partners in Athens and Crete, it is able to provide an immediate solution throughout Greece. Training on the proper use and maintenance of the devices, with the aim of extending their lifespan and profitability, is of equal importance to the company. 

After sale service

After sale service is of utmost importance for a company using medical aesthetic devices.

From the beginning of our cooperation with Dectro International, and after many years of experience and continuous training, Beaute Marine has the know-how and the executive human resources to face all the problems that may arise.

Providing immediate phone support for equipment issues, as well as beauty treatments, it offers an unprecedented sense of security to its partners.

Purchasing a high-aesthetic device is not only a financial investment for a professional, but also a long-term commitment

Beaute Marine's principle is to always be by its partners' side.

Maria Karampournioti