Ballet needles, since 1989, are the first sterilized, single used, electroepilation needles worldwide. They cover the biggest percentage of the global market, which makes them the No 1 brand of electroepilation needles.

They are also the No 1 in the trust of the electrologists! The reason is their exceptional quality. Made by Swedish steel, sterilized by oxygen aithylenium, they are absolutely smooth and even, as well as, rounded on the tip, in order to protect the follicle from being harmed. Sterilized and in practical packaging, Ballet needles offers you a safe, hygiene and successful electroepilation.

Ballet needles consist of single piece of metal and they are categorized into 3 types, Stainless, Insulated and Gold and into 5 different diameters in order to adapt the treatment absolutely into every skin type and every follicle, every body area and every pilosity type.
Beaute Marine has the exclusive distribution of Ballet needles since 1991 for the area of Greece and Cyprus.